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I'm really sorry for not writing anything lately, I should be back at it soon enough!
I love that I'm talking to no one. It's kinda funny.
I'm trying to do as much as I can this week because I won't be able to post anything next week. So, enjoy this spree while you can.
First thing's first, you’re gonna want to design how your game plays. After all, what game is good that doesn’t have good gameplay? What genre is it? Pick one. Maybe a fusion of two or more. Come up with a unique gameplay style that you feel will satisfy yourself and consumers alike. Make sure that it’s fun, easy to learn, and difficult to master. We don’t want players to get too good now do we?

Secondly, we need a setting. Where and when does this game take place? You will need to pick a setting that you feel will match the tone you want to convey with the game. Want a dark and edgy game? Go for a super dark and edgy world. It’s just that simple.

Next, we need characters. There’s a lot that could be said about this. We would need multiple characters that are different from each other, but are united for a common goal. Make your characters stand out and feel unique. Make them feel like realistic people that others can relate to and feel for. Give them all their own strengths and flaws. You may have a character that’s brutally good on the battlefield, but has terrible social skills or maybe you could do something totally different.

After that, you need a story. Start with the main conflict. Is there a bad guy? Is society doing something bad? No matter what it is, you then need to find out how your characters fit into this conflict. From there, you can work on more intricate details, such as plot twists, or character development.

Now, think of what you want to put it on and think about what you can do to make it work well on that platform. If it’s PC, then you're probably already fine. If it’s a console, then you should think about the limitations of that console and think about what you could do to get your game running well on that console. Or if you’re like me, just come up with your own console. There’s a whole other guide I could do in how to do that though, so I won’t go into depth with that here.

Now you should have your perfect game in mind! If you want to, you can go ahead and download an engine and start work on it now. If you would rather wait, that’s fine too. I hope this helps you to really get some details in your head of what you want to see in what you see as a perfect videogame.
Designing Your Dream Game! (tutorial)
This is just something I whipped up in 30 minutes or so, describing how you can come up with your own games! You don't even have to use it for a game. You can also turn it into a story and write it out somewhere. You can even request for me to write it if you want to. Like I said in my bio, I'll write anything given suggested to me if I think it's good enough.
Certainly late with this, but Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is kinda... Well, let's just say that there's an entire community dedicated to Pyra being the best Sword Waifu.


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A big hey to everyone that showed up here somehow! I'm Jcnrose, a passionate writer and gamer (Xenoblade is my fav game!) that will write anything I feel like writing! I do accept requests if I think that they're good enough. I hope I can be a pleasant time waster!


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